I'm Christian, I don't pray.  

Cologne, Germany. 22. Male.  

Felt all my defences come down falling, wanting and longing. Yes, it was hurting all the way.


Anonymous asked:

what advice would you give a person who foolishly trusted someone, had that trust was broken, and are currently really hurting?

Before anything, never feel like you’re “the weak one”, you’re just someone who happens to have an ability to make solid bonds. From my experience, meditation is key for emotional balance, and it can be done in many ways you wouldn’t expect. For example, writing down every single point of view you have about the situation and the ones you come across during the process will help you realize you already know how to handle it, it’s like an equation, you have to cancel contradicting thoughts, those won’t take you anywhere. Before falling asleep try holding a conversation with yourself. Do you feel sometimes like you already know the answer but your feelings just don’t seem to react to it? It’s because you haven’t made it clear to your subconscious, tell yourself this truth you’ve found until feeling your body finally reacting to it, you actually get a sensation of ease through your muscles when you digest it. Whenever all the motivation’s gone and you’d rather stay in bed and do nothing just drag yourself to the bathroom and take a cold shower, it has something to do with the mammalian diving reflex, look it up. And when your thoughts are just revolving around the same situation watch a scary movie, scare jumps are very interesting in the psychological level, they can change your current pattern of thought, it’s called a pattern interrupt (look it up as well, they’re used to induce hypnosis). I recommend watching The Descent, those are some really good scare jumps. Then learn to paint a tree with watercolor and don’t conform, you have to make the best one, no self-pity allowed. You should look at old photographs as well, and try to recall funny memories, those involving past teachers lead to the best cringes. Your life doesn’t revolve around this person so don’t be silly, you’ll laugh about this one day. Confront negative feelings, eat raw fruit and vegetables (serotonin), fall in love with the stupidest celebrity you can think of, watch documentaries about quantum physics, listen to traditional music in a language you can’t speak so your thoughts don’t get clouded, wear clothes you’d never wear without giving explanations to anyone, get some jelly bellies, drink a glass of ice water in half an hour, find a meetup group online and make a new friend, there are so many things I’ve learned by being in contact with my body, and there will be lots of new things you are going to learn by yourself, I promise. Whenever that happens please feel free to message me and tell me about your new findings. I’ll be here if you ever need anything. Really, thank you for trusting me through this phase of your life and please take care.